Years ago, I was in a boxing class and had a batchmate who was fierce. Although petite and short, he would knock out people with scary precision. A jab, hook, and bam. Beautiful! One day I couldn’t resist and asked how he got so focused. He paused for a bit and with a quirky smile said, “marijuana.”

For a moment, I thought he was kidding. No, he wasn’t. He just miles ahead of me when it came to cannabis and exercise. It was only in the late 90s that researchers found that humans have their own cannabinoid system and receptors to receive the active compounds in cannabis similar to what our bodies produce. That is the reason why we experience psychoactive effects or “high” and why it is useful in the treatment of several medical conditions.

As of now, medical cannabis is legal in 33 states in the country. Yes, if you live in any one of these states, you can access medical marijuana by applying for a recommendation or a $20 medical card online. Medical cannabis comes with pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it perfect for athletes dealing with these issues. Professional athletes from different walks of life have come out in favor of allowing players to use marijuana. It is effective in treating inflammation, pain, and several other conditions that athletes deal on a daily basis.

One of the biggest misconceptions regarding cannabis is that it is used just for intoxication purposes. It’s not just thrill-seeking canna enthusiasts who are heralding the potential of the herb with regards to exercising. But actually, cannabis can benefit without giving a “high.” CBD or cannabidiol is a non-psychotropic compound of cannabis that provides medicinal benefits of the herb without causing any euphoria.

Athletes achieve mindfulness with marijuana and exercise


Let’s take a look at how athletes achieve mindfulness with marijuana and exercise.

  • It helps blood flow
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Fights fatigue and energizes the body
  • It helps in breathing. It allows air passages in the lungs to open more
  • Assists sleep
  • It helps in recovering from a traumatic brain injury
  • Better pain-relieving medicine than Aspirin and Tylenol
  • Help stay lean and fit

To us, training is just an hourly activity, but to athletes, it is their whole life. Their job is to keep themselves fit and active. But your body can only bear so much. Cannabis proves to be a big help. It relaxes and eases the pain, which helps improve your workout. Cannabis therapy is different for everyone. All you need is a recommendation from a licensed doctor of your state. For instance, if you live in San Diego, all you need is a Medical Marijuana Card Online to access your favorite MMJ products.

Marijuana can be consumed pre, during, or post-exercise as you find suitable. Both THC and CBD can be beneficial. It helps in motivating, providing you energy, and relieving pain. A study in the Journal of the American Medical Association reflected that cannabis users have more lung capacity than non-smokers. Admittedly, that could be handy for athletes exercising.

The effects of CBD and THC on the performance of athletes is a pressing matter for scientists, sports bodies, and athletes. However, the number of studies and research is quite limited. One reason could be its federally illegal status. But with so many states legalizing medical cannabis, it is safe to assume that the day is near when that federal status changes as well. Also, we often associate cannabis with smoking. That is not the case. Athletes can consume edibles rather than smoking the plant. This also means that they can reap the rewards without the harmful effects of smoking.

That is the beauty of cannabis. It comes with a lot of options. You can eat, apply, vape, or even smoke it, whichever suits you the best. In addition, there are thousands of cannabis strains at your disposal. Each having its unique flavor, aroma, effects, and medicinal benefits. So, if you are an athlete, manage your sore muscles, pain, and fatigue with medical cannabis treatment.

Manage your sore muscles, pain, and fatigue with medical cannabis treatment.

Last Words

Cannabis has come a long way from being regarded as an immoral part of society. Today, it is getting nationwide acceptance and rightly so! Athletes go through rigorous training and exercise schedules every day. This takes a mighty toll on their muscles and body. Incorporating the use of marijuana in sport and training can prove to be very beneficial. Remember, smoking is not the only way to ingest cannabis. Use CBD if you don’t want the high. But to disregard the plant without truly understanding its potential is uncalled for.

Still not convinced? Try it for yourself. Conduct your own research. Consume a moderate amount of cannabis and do some exercise. Make notes about your dose, time, and experience. That way, you will find your sweet spot. Please share your experience with us. Till then, Chao!