Positive thinking is directly related to our decision making, overall growth, and well being. It is the key to meeting undiscovered opportunities and overcoming hardships.

Having an optimistic state of mind affects your actions and decision making. In our everyday life, it can be observed how a good mood leads us towards an overall positive day.

Every once in a while, introspecting into the deep crevices of who we are, what we want, how we’re doing and whether we are headed towards the right decision can can tell us a lot about ourselves. Sometimes there are no clear signs and things aren’t as great as they are expected to be. Positivity and courage in adverse times could help you pierce through hardships into the bright light.

Talking about being positive does sound like a cliche topic but there’s a lot of scientific research done on how positive thinking makes you confident, reduces stress, and boosts your mood. It could keep you away from unnecessary mental health conditions like depression and hypertension.People, in search of a positive mindset, have often found their happiness and comfort in animals. These animals turn into more than just pets, they are honored with the status of an emotional support animal.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what path you choose, as long as you’re able to sun-bathe in the positive light of your thoughts. Here are some of the ways we think you’ll be able to develop a positive thought process that will help revitalize your lifestyle:

Daily Morning Affirmations

I am sure this might have happened at some time in our life that you woke up and panicked about how your rest of the day is going to be. There could be many reasons for this to happen but I would like to remind you about what Tom Hanks said in the movie Castaway,

“I gotta keep breathing because tomorrow the sun will shine again and who knows what a tide could bring”

Well, what I meant to say is every new day is a new start and not just in a poetic sense. Before anything else gets a hold of you in the morning why not start your day with positive affirmations. Many successful people start with a positive cogitation in the morning before getting ahead in the day. Something silly like having a talk with yourself in front of a mirror and saying things like, “Today is going to be a good day” or “You’ve got this”, anything that works for you.

Uncover Pleasure in the Small Things

Did you ever have a perfect day?
Well, you might call one day perfect but in general, there is something or the other thing that goes out of place in a day. Obstacles are the fellow wanderers of the right path, so when you encounter a challenge in your day, look at the bright side and focus on how you could utilize this time or learn from this hardship. Like if you’re stuck in the traffic and realize it could take a while, don’t get frustrated, just listen to your favorite podcast or try listening to an entire album of your favorite artist.

The joy of small things like spending evenings with your family, discovering new music, reading a book, smiling when you see a stranger, or cooking something new, having a cup of coffee in your balcony, are the things we can avail in our life and most of them don’t cost anything. Having a positive state of mind helps us to contemplate the original joys of life, that is the joy of small things.

Find Joy in The Furries Around You

Emotional support cat


Here we’re talking about the furry little friends that you might come across on the street, meet at your friend’s place or even have at your own. Animals. Pets.

Animals can play a crucial part in bringing out the positivity in you on the forefront, to the extend where your own pet can make up for an amazing emotional support animal. You can find ESA doctors online who can help you make this relationship with your pet official. Whether its a dog, cat, bird or any other animal that provides you emotional support, you can have them assigned as your ESA. If you’re wondering how to register an ESA cat, the process is quite simple. You have to book an appointment with an ESA doctor, get your condition evaluated and then wait for them to decide if you require an ESA.

Don’t Take it Too Seriously

Laughter is the best medicine, someone said it true. If you find yourself in a dark situation or somewhere you do not have control over things, laugh it off. Allow yourself to ease the situation with some humor, think about it, cracking a joke isn’t just an excuse to have a good time but this could also make up a good story.

Overthinking on small imperfections or hardships is not only bad for our mental health but also takes our focus off from other possibilities. Everyone goes through phases in life and each of them passes, some gracefully and some not. Without getting too philosophical, I’d say keep it light and believe this shall too pass.

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Live in The Present

You must have read it somewhere or heard people say, live in the present. It is more of a metaphor for living in the present moment in this context, not this hour, date, or this year, but these small moments that you get to experience in life.
Living in the moments lets you feel more connected with the worlds around and keeps you away from exaggerated sceneries worsened by overthinking.

I realised this while taking a walk on the beach, 3 years back during the summers in Hawaii.

Thinking this way lets you focus on details and allows you to have to be more explorative in your tasks. This builds up your personality as a positive individual and strengths you to get over hardships.